Bouquet of Flowers


Seasonal Planter Subscription

$125.00 - $250.00+ per season


Keep your outdoor space looking festive and fresh each season! Our program fulfills planter arrangements on a one-time or seasonal basis, at the beginning of each season. Our seasonal planter program will bill you once or every 4 months, 3 times within 1 year for the selected subscription plan you choose. When the season turns, we will deliver your new planter and dispose of the old. We can use your current planters or bring new planters with us. You will be notified by email of expected delivery times. 


Our seasonal planter program transforms your space by adding fresh greenery and colour to fit your style! 

  • Individually designed for your home or business

  • Great for enhancing the curb appeal or brightening up your deck, patio or entrance

  • Beautifully stage your home, office or business' space 

  • Can be setup for seasonal change over or a one time fee


Seasonal Breakdown 

Spring/Summer: Seasonal greenery including spring and summer flowers. Planters should last the summer under good conditions. Planters are installed after May long-weekend. Simple care instructions will be given.

Fall: Fall planters last approximately three to four weeks making your space looking festive! Our planter arrangements will provide a burst of colour before the end of the landscape season. Fall planters are installed beginning of September.

Winter: Installed just before Christmas, so you can enjoy the festive fresh colour throughout the holiday season. These planters are installed at the end of November and beginning of December.


On-Demand Arrangements

Our seasonal planters are available on-demand for the real estate market or to add some personality and colour to your home or office. Contact us to get your space brightened up with our seasonal planter program. We will be in touch in within 48 hours.


We provide consultations to determine your needs before sending an estimation. Our team will schedule a date and time with you to evaluate your space, to verify your personal or business' needs and preferences. We will then send you an estimation and with confirmation will proceed, scheduling an installation or delivery date.